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I am a closet Will & Grace fan.

because I had a crush on Megan Mullally through the show’s run.


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I am part Scottish, and if I had a kilt, I’d wear it.

… oh, and I don’t wear underwear either.

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I feel like putting my head through a wall right about now.

/Wonderful day

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A bold new world

Today was a great day.

Bills for the next 1-3 years are paid. Much needed financial-type stuff was fixed, and some essentials purchased and so on.

Now I ask myself this: Is it time for a new girlfriend!?

Moving on… Is every person I’m ever going to talk to about financial/customer service matters going to be a Pakistani with a bare-bones grasp of the english language?

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Office Space has been found. The case, I am sad to report, was not so lucky.


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On edge.


Isn’t she a bitch.

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I’ve never been described in quite this way before… I must retreat to the batcave to ponder.

“Not Fluffy”: smellin dinner mmmmm
Me: Oh whatcha havin?
“Not Fluffy”: parmesean chicken
Me: eew
“Not Fluffy”: ohh no is the BEST
Me: If you say so
“Not Fluffy”: i do
Me: 😛
“Not Fluffy”: yep
Me: Enjoy it then
“Not Fluffy”: i will when its done the crust outer layer juicy inside and the mashed potatoes too
Me: Alrighty
“Not Fluffy”: kinda like you
Me: hahahhah excuse me?
“Not Fluffy”: yep you are like parmeasean chicken
Me: So… I have a crusty outer layer, but I’m juicy in the middle?
“Not Fluffy”: yep and are delicious to boot

I’m still pondering the delicious part…

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