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So, my mouse arrived yesterday, and spent all night in the cold, wedged between the front door and the… outer front door. Fortunately the shipping package kept her toasty warm and dry.

I looked upon that bright red box, ‘Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 3000‘ it read, the twin sister of my beloved mouse, resting beneath a form-fitting plastic bubble, and I knew I had found my next great love. It was as if I were at Circuit City, some seven-odd years ago, standing there, searching the rack of mice, when I saw her for the first time – My first love – my very first wireless mouse. All that emotion came flooding back, and it was like I was holding that same box, with that same beautiful mouse inside, the voice in my head screaming “TOUCHPAD BE DAMNED!”

I pulled the batteries from the ol’ gal just a short few moments ago. Who knew her first set of Duracell batteries would be her last? *sigh* She and her receiver are at peace now, resting comfortably on the corner of my bed. Some time later today, I will find her a safe nook in my closet, and perhaps, one day, she will know life again.

For now, however, the new lady and I have to spend some time together. scifiwire.com, here we come!


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I am…


Bacon, I am sorry your pet rat is dying. I am sorry I made fun of him, and… I guess, by association… you. I apologize. I guess I am not very open-minded about pets as you – I’ve never had a bird (which I find lame), or a rabbit, or a hamster or any other odd pet, so I guess I don’t get the connection you have to what is to me just a rat.

Though I did have a turtle… but it couldn’t bark, or mew, so it wasn’t the same.

I hope ben… or willard, or… whatever your pet’s name is… is okay. 😦

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Goodbye my love.

So I’ve decided it’s time to put to rest my first love – peripherally speaking.

Yes, after almost 7 years, my Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 2.0 is *sniffle* becoming senile – surely a sign of its advancing age – and will soon perish.

You’ve been there for me since my first map of Age of Empires II, all the way up to the magical World of Warcraft… You were there for me through MechWarrior 2, and fought with me to control armies in Empire Earth, and entire cities in C&C Red Alert 2… and even Generals. We built cities together in Sim City 3000, and we made a home together in The Sims.

Countless hours of Solitaire, Chess, JezzBall, and Paintshop Pro projects. You surfed blogs with me, posted on the boards with me, and saw me through many an RPG. You were also there for my first time connecting to the internet via Cable… and rode shotgun through many a porno download.

It is not easy to say goodbye to you, my dearest of friends; after all, who was there for me when I could not survive life with but a lowly touchpad? You were.

I will never forget you.

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I haven’t posted lately. My bad. I’ll get back into the swing of things soon.


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Community service.

I am going to go help a random new pal on XBL get his Cr0wnd Achievement in Left 4 Dead.

What can I say, I’m a giver. I shall return in an hour or so. See you then.

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Someone remind me that Burn Notice is on at 10. I missed last week’s episode… well, some of it.

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What I say here, I say of my own accord. Don’t hold my words against someone else. It isn’t fair, nor is the drama.

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