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It’s an odd Tuesday morning. Went to bed before 8:30pm… Missed the last half of House, slept through 24, and all 3 airings of Deadliest Catch’s 5th season opener. Epic Fail on my part.

I haven’t been sleeping well, before last night, for about 8 days, but things are okay now because I got a great night’s sleep, and was up bright and early.

For some reason, I’m all emo about life. Specifically friends and the way I always seem to screw them over somehow. Bacon especially. She’s seen me at my absolute worst. On multiple occasions. I really have to wonder why she still considers me a friend. God knows she has every right in the world to hate me – she’s wished my legs would fall off, sure, but… they’re still there.

I have this uncanny knack for hurting people I care about. I don’t know why, but I do. And that’s not specific to just female friends either. Earlier in the year, I really hurt my buddy – whom we’ll call Stewart Gilligan Griffin all because of a girl and a … well, nevermind, I don’t need to get into it because Stewart and this female both read this… or at least did.

I know at least I’ve mended two fences – those fences belonging to Bacon and Stewart. Three if you count WoW Girl, but well, I honestly don’t think she knows what the real world is anymore. Such a shame. Anyway, Stewart was an easy fix – Guys fix crap easy, but with a woman, its a lot, lot, lot harder. In the case of Bacon, that one took many years, and even now, there are times when I wonder if, deep down, she’s still secretly wishing my legs fall off.  As far as I know, however, we are good. I like the place we are at now – even if I do have to walk on egg shells now and then.

Anyone else want bacon and eggs now? I do… for some reason.

I like to think that it’s all behind me, but I fear it might not be, especially when it comes to Not Fluffy. She treats me better than anyone ever has, and she’s been more than patient with me, and all she’s ever asked of me is that when I’m online that I pay attention to her, but no matter how hard I try, I have the attention span of a dyslexic goldfish with ADHD. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I just seem to sit here, staring at the screen, reading everything she says, but I don’t reply. I worry that I’m going to upset her enough that she just gives up and doesn’t speak to me anymore – and right now, she’s really all I have.

Scary thought there. Losing her I mean.


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So no more than ten minutes ago, I learned something beyond AMAZING.

Tonight, I have learned of the existence of Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection.

Yes friends, 48 of the most popular SEGA Genesis games ever, combined in one epic disc for the XBOX 360!

Among the greatness: Comix Zone, Shining Force 1 & 2, 6 Sonic (the Hedgehog) titles, and all 3 Streets of Rage games!

Comix Zone & the Shining Force games made my pre-teen/teen years what they were, people! Thats right, before high school, before ruination at the hands of the female gender, I had these games, and life was good!  Now I need to scrape up 30 bucks, suck up my pride, tread to the hellhole that is Gamestop, and buy this game!

Excuse me now, for I must must go have another joygasm

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