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Obama picks Sotomayor for the SC… Must be nice to get a job just because you’re Hispanic. I am really starting to regret voting for Obama… I don’t miss Bush at all, but damn things really suck right now.

I was routing for the gay prospect simply for the lulz.

This country is going to hell.


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Fear them.

and their hair.

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9am. Again. God.

Stupid sleep schedule.

Stupid split lip.

Lots of Stupid today.

I’ve come to realize two things about myself. One is that I have an addictive personality. I am easily addicted to games, and now that I actually have a PC that can handle some good ones, things are getting bad. I spent close to 3 hours last night Ice Harvesting on EVE last night.

BTW, to all you fuckers out there with your huge jump-capable ships… Fuck you guys. I want one!

The other thing I realized – I REALLY want to plow the chick that’s playing the role of Sarah Palin in Eminem’s We made you video. I think its the same chick who was in the porno. Hmm. I need more guy friends; someone who could confirm that. Bacon… Is it her?

No, I wasn’t implying you were a man, just that you seem to know everything.

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It is 11:01am.

I have had 3 moun Mtn Dew’s since 9am. I may be bouncing off the damned walls soon.


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You know. There are few things in the world that piss me off. Ok, that’s a lie – there are a lot.

Here are a few of them.

1. I hate how Fox News boasts about having better ratings (more viewers) than CNN, NBC and MSNBC, and then in the very next minute, they bitch about mainstream media. If you have better ratings than all 3 of those combined, doesn’t that make you the fucking mainstream media?

2. I hate Asher Roth. He’s nothing more than an Eminem clone – with less talent.

3. Mexico. Anyone who has known me longer than 3 minutes knows why.

4. I hate staying up for 48 hours, only to realize I can’t go to sleep for another 6 hours because I have to make more money to pay off the strip miner I demanded Stewart buy for me for 2 million so I can go ice mining.

5. I hate how great movies get remade, and the remake turns out to be a complete bag of soggy ass.

6. I hate the fact that I own Call of Duty: World at War, but my new gaming computer can’t run it. Fuck you, ATI. Fuck you and your Radeon crap.

7. I hate how I drank the last bit of milk in the house, and then an hour later I want cereal.

8. I hate that JD and Turk aren’t my neighbors, that I can’t *smirk*date*smirk* Elliot, have a beer with Dr. Cox now and then, or build some insane shit with the Janitor.

9. I hate that Sci-fi is SyFy, and all their shows are shit now.

10. I hate being bored enough to make a post this damn long.

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Yes, I am alive.

I’ve survived the Swine Flu – Surprising seeing as one of my friends is Bacon.

I’ve been kicking around on my new gaming computer a lot, sorta-kinda shunning everything else for the time being. That, and I haven’t gotten to install Firefox on this thing, which I REQUIRE to be able to post efficiently (IE spell big words correctly). Give me some time, and I will get things in order and I will be back in full swing.


For now, rejoice in the fact that I ain’t dead.



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