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This is what I think of at 7 AM.

My list of the 10 most important songs to me – Like if I were somehow stuck on an island all by myself until the end of time, these 10 songs would be all I would ever listen to.

10. Breaking Benjamin – Blow Me Away. This is my War Anthem. This is the song that hammers my ears in my headphones when I play Call Of Duty 4 on XBL.

09. Breaking Benjamin – Unknown Soldier. Same as #10, but for games like RS:V & Forza 2. Similar to Blow Me Away.

08. Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood. I do a lot of writing while listening to this song. 75(ish)% of all my blog posts are written to this little tune. Love it!

07. Blur – Song 2. This… Believe it or not… is my Tommy’s feeling goofy song. Whenever I hear this song, I get outta my seat and dance around… in all my white, rhythm-less glory.

06. Alice In Chains – Rooster. I have a reason this song is here, I just can’t put it into words at 7 AM. Just know that this is one of the best songs ever.

05. Otis Redding – Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay. I don’t remember when or where this song gained a place in my heart, but I do remember this song playing… somewhere back when I was a wee lad of about 9, and hanging out with the two Davids. Its been years and years since I last saw David R, I heard a rumor during my freshman year in high school that he was in juvenile hall (fuck calling it ‘Juvie’, I am 30-goddamn-years-old) because he forced himself on a girl. David C. graduated a year before me, and by then, he was just beginning his downward spiral into heroin addiction. Last I saw him, he was working in one of the local Walmart’s, and living with his girlfriend in his grandmother’s trailer. It’s odd to realize that of the three of us, I am the normal one.

04. No Doubt – Don’t Speak. This was the song that I listened to over and over and over again for about a week after Bacon said she never wanted to speak to me again and that she hoped my legs fall off. I won’t go into why, but suffice to say that I was a douchebag of epic proportions to her, hurt her feelers, and generally broke her spirit in half. Thankfully, the spirit has been superglued back together, and we are still friends.

03. Pearl Jam – Even Flow. Perhaps my favorite song of all-fucking-time. No matter what sort of bad mood I am in, This song is the cure for it, and puts me on top of the world. This is also the only song I ever aced on Medium with the CONTROLLER in Guitar Hero.

02 Red Hot Chili Peppers – Soul to Squeeze. My Happy song. It’s tied with Even Flow for my favorite song of all-fucking-time. That is all.

01. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under The Bridge. My Sorrow/death song. This is the song I listen to when I feel like hell, and I need to cry. Has been since the first time I heard it, always will be.

Note: This was a short list. In thinking about it, if I had the desire to make this list… say 20 or so titles long, there would be Sublime, Hendrix, Nirvana, White Zombie/Rob Zombie, Filter, R.A.T.M, Smashing Pumpkins, Phil Collins, Green Day, and more here.

BTW, I is commonly known amongst the inner circle of friends that I do indeed have Kenny Loggins’ Highway to the Danger Zone on my 360’s hard drive specifically to listen to when I fly the F-14 Tomcat in HAWX. Yes, I know this makes me a huge fucking nerd, but goddamnit, when one feels the need for speed, what else can one do?

don’t judge me.


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The depth of stupid that some people suffer from astounds me sometimes.

EDGARTOWN, Mass. – A large wave fueled by Hurricane Bill swept spectators out to sea at a Maine park Sunday as the storm-churned surf attracted onlookers and daredevils along the Eastern Seaboard.

A 7-year-old girl who was pulled from the sea near Acadia National Park later died, and a 54-year-old swimmer died after washing ashore unconscious Saturday in Florida, authorities said.

The girl, her father and a 12-year-old girl were all plucked from the water by rescuers. The man and his daughter are from New York City, Acadia National Park Chief Ranger Stuart West said. The other girl is from Belfast, Maine, and is not related to them, West said. He would not release their names.

The man and the 12-year-old were hospitalized.

The three were part of an early afternoon crowd of thousands who lined the national park’s rocky shoreline to watch the high surf and crashing waves, which were “absolutely the effects of Hurricane Bill” coupled with the effect of high tide, park ranger Sonya Berger said.

Who the fuck takes a 7-year-old to the shore during a hurricane? Stupid parents. STUPID.

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So I’ve been busy being lazy lately. Neglecting many things, chief among them my best friend, all for the sake of my former job.

Things had become a lot less fun in the last month or so, and the criticism meter flew right off the charts. I arrived for work Sunday evening to find a letter waiting for me. A seven page bitchmail from my former boss.

Among many trivial little incidents he mentioned, that were apparently my fault, in which no one ever got hurt, mind you, I was belittled and berated. I was repeatedly called stupid, retarded, and a host of other things, and this was left open for everyone to read. Finally, I had had enough.

I responded with the following, and walked away from him and all his bullshit.

First of all, the reality of this is that you’re a washed up military man who’s so lost in the job he’s been relegated to in the real world that he takes a videogame and tries to run it like his own little platoon. This isn’t the real world, its a game, and you have long since taken the fun out of it for me. You want to call me a slacker, fine, I’ll just call you power hungry and anal-retentive, then I can come down to your level. I could have complained when I was the one here when you macro-mined. I could have said go fetch your own crap all over the universe, but I didn’t, I did what the hauler’s supposed to do. I hauled. Sure I made mistakes, but who doesn’t.

I could have ripped apart the POS, taken everything the group had, contracted it out and got away with it. I could have played along, been a little more attentive for a while, then led you to an ambush in your most expensive ship. Hell, I could have even closed this account then reported you for buying ISK on a new one, but I haven’t – and I won’t. Stop acting like you’re some commanding officer, you’re not, you’re not even a CEO, you’re a guy sitting at a computer. A player in a game who nitpicked the shit out of another player, and did it enough that he got tired of it and left. You think I have problems? I’ve got open invitations from other corps, all bigger than this one. I’ll move on without incident, you’ll continue to do this shit to people as long as you run a corp. If you need me to put this in game terms, here: You’re a CEO who has to buy his ISK to keep his company afloat, yet bitches at his employees every time a mistake is made. One of your employees has had enough of you and resigned, and nothing you can say or do can stop it.

I am long gone from your AO, LT. Good luck.

I have to say, waking up this morning and knowing that from here on, my evenings and weekends are mine again was pretty nice. I look forward to spending time with my friends again.

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