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The little woman from Poltergeist died.

Her name was Zelda

Swing and a miss.


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Well, today was an interesting one. I had a doctor’s appointment seeing as my lab results came back finally – I had blood drawn, pee… donated? I was poked, prodded, squeezed, examined, looked upon and studied.

The result?

Kidneys – Fine
Heart – Fine
Blood Pressure – Low
Good Cholesterol – Low
Bad Cholesterol – Low

Overall I seem to be fine – if nothing else, my body appears to have low expectations for itself.

Oh and I am STD free. Woots. Now I can relax and not worry about who Ive been with, and just worry about those I will be with.

On an unrelated note – How are you, Bacon?

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And yes, I have trademarked that word – cockassery. Everytime some one says it, they have to give me a quarter.

So I am sitting here at 8:34 AM. I have been FUCKING around with Google for the better part of 3 hours to get at my goddamn password for youtube. You see, rather than apply the same password to EVERY single service I use on the internet, I like to mix the shit up, that way if I become compromised in one area, there is a metaphysical firewall guarding my other shit. Or something.

ANYWAY – I sometimes forget my LOGIN names, requiring me to send password reminders out to various email addresses to get my logins, so then I can apply the core…. you know what… you don’t really give a shit, so I’ll get to the point.

I was a fucking dumbass who assigned 2 youtube accounts to the same email, shrugging off the knowledge that Google is run by a bunch of idiots with huge ePeni and little brains. SO when sending a password recovery, they simply give me a link to RESET my existing password to a new one – but seeing as BOTH accounts are on 1 email, and programmers at Google BLOW GOATS, when I reset the password for my primary, and hit OK, it JUST FUCKING LOGS ME INTO MY MUSIC ONLY YOUTUBE ACCOUNT, and does JACK FUCKING SHIT to my primary account for which I FUCKING NEEDED ACCESS TO BECAUSE I … I just goddamn do, ok?!?

So then I decide… Ok, I pretty much know what I need to do – Delete the music only one, and make a new one on a different email. So I delete that one, resend a password recovery for my primary account… what happens? SAME EXACT SHIT, only instead of logging into the now-deleted music account, it simply brings me to the main Youtube page, with a little red banner that says account deleted.


…. PS… I still think Gmail is pretty rad.


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Ok, I know some of you are going to call me a prick for this post, but this is my blog. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Don’t like it, don’t read it.

Anyway, to the point.

I’ve been watching the news – that’s all I do – and I hear that Obama has mobilized something like the largest civilian/military relief mission ever to Haiti to help earthquake survivors, and all told, it’s gonna cost at least a few hundred million. Why?

Yes, I get that these people are in piss poor shape right now… but come on, that place is a shithole – when we have tens of MILLIONS of Americans without jobs and homeless right now, why should we spend MORE money helping anyone else in the world at this point? Especially when they lost little more than a bunch of shanty towns. As a good friend of put it ‘I don’t get why they think we owe them anything.’ I get that they’re poor, but come on, help your fucking selves and stop waiting on a handout.

We’re going to waste millions of dollars, maybe even a billion, to help them rebuild, when there’s no point – we’re going to be throwing money at a giant shithole to make it a little less like a shithole. And don’t sit there and tell me a bunch of ‘be kind to your neighbor’ BS – They wouldn’t be in this situation if they took the time to build a house out of something a little sturdier than 4 sticks, some tin, a blue tarp, and some duct tape. This is a giant waste of resources. Why not spend that money here, getting people that actually contribute to the rest of the world back on their feet?



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