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I wish I knew

what was wrong with me. I try and make time for friends, but the more I try, the less I manage. I am depressed. Severely – and I just feel that being around people in the current state of mind I am in does no one any good – especially those that consider me to be a friend. I mean who wants to hang out with a person whose only reason for living is to make sure his dogs don’t starve?


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Holy Hell, I just realized that my blog is a year old (first post Jan. 17 2009!)

What a ride its been — and how boring a ride its been for those of you who actually read this damn thing.

Anywho – HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Blog!

*strips and gives his blog a lapdance*

I just realized this was in my drafts bin… written back in Jan. Figured I would post it for shits and giggles..

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