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The End.

I quit.


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End of the line

So I think I’m gonna close this blog, go dig a hole, crawl in it and die.

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And yes, I have trademarked that word – cockassery. Everytime some one says it, they have to give me a quarter.

So I am sitting here at 8:34 AM. I have been FUCKING around with Google for the better part of 3 hours to get at my goddamn password for youtube. You see, rather than apply the same password to EVERY single service I use on the internet, I like to mix the shit up, that way if I become compromised in one area, there is a metaphysical firewall guarding my other shit. Or something.

ANYWAY – I sometimes forget my LOGIN names, requiring me to send password reminders out to various email addresses to get my logins, so then I can apply the core…. you know what… you don’t really give a shit, so I’ll get to the point.

I was a fucking dumbass who assigned 2 youtube accounts to the same email, shrugging off the knowledge that Google is run by a bunch of idiots with huge ePeni and little brains. SO when sending a password recovery, they simply give me a link to RESET my existing password to a new one – but seeing as BOTH accounts are on 1 email, and programmers at Google BLOW GOATS, when I reset the password for my primary, and hit OK, it JUST FUCKING LOGS ME INTO MY MUSIC ONLY YOUTUBE ACCOUNT, and does JACK FUCKING SHIT to my primary account for which I FUCKING NEEDED ACCESS TO BECAUSE I … I just goddamn do, ok?!?

So then I decide… Ok, I pretty much know what I need to do – Delete the music only one, and make a new one on a different email. So I delete that one, resend a password recovery for my primary account… what happens? SAME EXACT SHIT, only instead of logging into the now-deleted music account, it simply brings me to the main Youtube page, with a little red banner that says account deleted.


…. PS… I still think Gmail is pretty rad.

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So the person of interest in the murders of those 4 police officers in Washington got out of prison because of Mike Huckabee… Former GOP Presidential candidate, and current talk show host on Fox News Channel.

In 1989, Clemmons, then 17, was convicted in Little Rock for aggravated robbery. He was paroled in 2000 after then-Gov. Mike Huckabee commuted Clemmons’ 95-year prison sentence. Huckabee, who was criticized during his run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008 for granting many clemencies and commutations, cited Clemmons’ youth. Clemmons later violated his parole, was returned to prison and released in 2004.

Good job on this one, you moronic fuck. Still believe the earth is three thousand years old? 4 police officers are dead because you let that guy out of prison because of political bullshit.


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It has been 4 days since I played MW2 online – That is to say in an adversarial mode. I have zero desire to play deathmatch in that game because, honestly, I did all that in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (for non gamers). I am not saying it’s not fun, because it is, but at the same time, it isn’t. Why? Because no matter how much better things get, the players are always the same – A bunch of Halo-trained, bunny-hopping, non-aiming, run-and-gun, Ramboesque fucktards.

I am very much a tactical player – I believe very deeply in the idea of the tactical shooter game experience. I am the guy who is careful, the guy who checks his corners, uses suppressing fire to pin down the enemy, and smoke to provide my team an advantage in shifting positions/disguising movement. I do NOT like to die in these games – I take that as a sign of failure. In theory, the guy who is careful and bothers to aim at a target from cover should prevail, but that is not the case.

Your average gamer is a 9-to-22 year-old whose first gaming experiences online came from Halo or Quake – games that teach the player that whoever carries a rocket launcher or who sees the other guy first is the winner in ANY situation. These guys don’t care about how many times they die – they don’t look at that as a failure – they are simply driven by getting the next kill and teabagging the dead, and then proclaiming after the match that the guy that died is gay, whilst the guy simulating fucking another man in the ass is perfectly straight *cough*bullshit*cough*

This is why I prefer Co-Op gaming vs. AI on Veteran mode [in the case of the MW games] – because the enemy AI is comparable in challenge to most live gamers, and because the people on my friends list are players that play like I do – Tactically. They don’t run and gun, they are the few, the proud, the careful – and I can game with them and not die a thousand times at the hands of a guy that will run around corners, shooting wildly in the hopes of killing someone.

That all said, this is not me trying to hate on MW2, because the game, in its single and Co-Op play modes is simply breathtaking, its just playing against no-talent assholes irritates me. If anyone from Infinity Ward sees this, PLEASE give me some sort of adversarial mode that penalizes R&G fucktards and rewards those that actually have a measure of skill – IE something similar to America’s Army. Damn.

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California’s budget is still in the toilet, so what does the state government do? Tell animal shelters they can wait 3 fewer days before they put someone’s lost pet down.

What the fuck?

Here’s a better idea – Instead of killing little Sally’s kitten, or little Timmy’s doggie, how about you cut all those fluffy little programs for the fucking illegals that shouldn’t fucking be here in the first place? Hmm? How about that? If I were a pet owner in California, I would be packing up a moving van right now, otherwise, you could wake up to find your dog or cat goes missing one Monday morning… well, I hope you find him or her by Friday, or you better be prepared never to see your loved one again.

Too bad for you, says the Government, but hey, cheer up, we just gave a bunch of free money to Jose and Paco so they can sneak 64 of their cousins in next week. That should make it all worth losing your pet. Good luck hearing your children cry though.

When the hell is California going to float off into the ocean?

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