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That is all there is to say about it.

The reason I have been distant from all my friends as of late has been Modern Warfare 2.

Tonight, I put that grand chapter of gaming behind me. I beat the game on the next-to-hardest difficulty, and I am setting the game down now, in hopes of resuming normal goings on amongst my friends.

The game itself was, in a word… Spectacular. That certain moment in the gulag made me smile from ear to ear (if you’re a COD4 fan, you know what I mean)… Then the final fight in the game near the end… the massive cliffhanger which CLEARLY sets the stage for either DLC, or a direct continuation of the unfinished objective in Modern Warfare 3… It was all… So epic. WELL worth the month wait since pre-order!


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17 minutes in, and my brain is already gooey! OMG OMG OMG OGM OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OGM OMG OMG OMG I LOVE THIS! I was so wrong about this show sucking!


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So the University of Florida listed a zombie apocalypse preparedness plan for students on its website. Many news organizations claim that its some sort of joke – something to laugh at.

It is no laughing matter. Zombies will one day walk the earth, after there is no more room in hell. I for one take this sort of thing seriously. Several of my friends take this seriously, but whatever, Mainstream Media. Keep laughing, but don’t come moaning to me when you fuckers get bitten, cause I for one will put a bullet in your heads.

Anyways, I have a date tonight! Woots!

A reminder for all Stargate Fans who bother reading this blog: STARGATE: UNIVERSE premiers tonight at 9PM EST!!!

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I woke up this morning to the horrible news that Billy Mays – you know, the pitchman for 1000 and 1 awesome products, products that we ALL have in our homes – was dead.

Not but a few hours before I was on the phone with Stewart, sitting on Youtube looking at outtakes of his ads, and laughing my ass off. The laughter has died. I am a huge fan of his, and watch Pitchmen all the time on Discovery, and I have to say this just plain sucks. I could care less that some sleazy old pedo (MJ) died… But Billy Mays?!? WTF, Baby Jesus, WTF?!?

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I can now die happy.

Ridley Scott is making a prequel film to ALIEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I CANNOT stress to you how epic and earth-shattering this news is. ALIEN was the first Sci-Fi movie I ever, to my memory, saw. It shaped my love for all things Sci-Fi, and to this day, it is my favorite film of all time.

It is supposedly an ORIGIN STORY, but of what? The creation of the Xenomorph? Its use as a bio-weapon by the Space Jockey’s race? With any luck, it will show a bit about the Space Jockey and his race, because damnit, that’s the biggest mystery of all – Who/what are they, and how did HE get impregnated.


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It is 11:01am.

I have had 3 moun Mtn Dew’s since 9am. I may be bouncing off the damned walls soon.


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So no more than ten minutes ago, I learned something beyond AMAZING.

Tonight, I have learned of the existence of Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection.

Yes friends, 48 of the most popular SEGA Genesis games ever, combined in one epic disc for the XBOX 360!

Among the greatness: Comix Zone, Shining Force 1 & 2, 6 Sonic (the Hedgehog) titles, and all 3 Streets of Rage games!

Comix Zone & the Shining Force games made my pre-teen/teen years what they were, people! Thats right, before high school, before ruination at the hands of the female gender, I had these games, and life was good!  Now I need to scrape up 30 bucks, suck up my pride, tread to the hellhole that is Gamestop, and buy this game!

Excuse me now, for I must must go have another joygasm

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