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So the person of interest in the murders of those 4 police officers in Washington got out of prison because of Mike Huckabee… Former GOP Presidential candidate, and current talk show host on Fox News Channel.

In 1989, Clemmons, then 17, was convicted in Little Rock for aggravated robbery. He was paroled in 2000 after then-Gov. Mike Huckabee commuted Clemmons’ 95-year prison sentence. Huckabee, who was criticized during his run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008 for granting many clemencies and commutations, cited Clemmons’ youth. Clemmons later violated his parole, was returned to prison and released in 2004.

Good job on this one, you moronic fuck. Still believe the earth is three thousand years old? 4 police officers are dead because you let that guy out of prison because of political bullshit.



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I have a confession to make.

After much soul searching and and careful weighing of options, I have decided to go play for the other team.

*drops to my knees*

I am now a Republican.

I realize that there will never be another perfect world, with William Jefferson Clinton at the helm, leading us across a grand sea of relative peace, and .96 cent gas. I realize that there will never be another fucked up world with George W. Bush leading us to a hell with no science or reason. I realize that while I didn’t vote for John McCain – who would have gotten my vote, had it not been for his ‘I love Mexicans’ bs a few years before the election -I did waste my vote for Obama – not because he was black, as most voters did, but because I was caught up in the he’s not Bush moment, and Biden was his running mate.

Anyway, after about 8 months, what do we have that has changed?

We’re out of Iraq, right? Nope.
We’ve caught Bin Laden, right? Nope.
We’ve nuked Iran, right? Nope.
The economy is soaring, right? Nope.
The budget deficit is going down, right? Nope.
The recession is over, right? Nope.
The Jobless rate in america is at record lows, right? Nope.
America has finally gotten off of Middle Eastern oil, right? Nope.

What the fuck did I vote for you for, Obama? Apparently for nothing.

I am now a Republican. Kinda weird saying that, but… it feels right.

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Obama picks Sotomayor for the SC… Must be nice to get a job just because you’re Hispanic. I am really starting to regret voting for Obama… I don’t miss Bush at all, but damn things really suck right now.

I was routing for the gay prospect simply for the lulz.

This country is going to hell.

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So… I was watching Fox News Channel, and Dick Morris actually said that Sarah Palin was smarter than Charles Gibson.

Someone want to tell me how this woman from the ass-end of America who has a combined college education of 3 semesters can possibly be smarter than a Princeton University graduate?

Hmm I just remembered: I have 3 semesters worth of college education too! According to Dick Morris – Me > Stephen Hawking!

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People sure are strange animals.

They often seem delusional, don’t they? I was gassing up the car this morning, and went in for a water, and I overheard these two young black women talking.

Somehow, according to this duo, after the inauguration tomorrow, EVERYTHING will somehow be better. The housing crisis, the bailout controversy, crime, poverty, the wars, all that is going to suddenly… end. As if Dubbya’s mess will suddenly disappear with him to Crawford or some such shit.

YES, I understand, to an extent, how African-Americans feel with Obama being this country’s first black President… But… Well… Get real people. Obama isn’t going to wave a magic wand and make every black life better. There have been 43 white Presidents, and… well… stuff isn’t all that hot for most white people, unless you’re big oil, or defense contractors, or Paris Hilton, or something.

Say it with me, people: Stuff’s still gonna be hard for everyone, for a long, long time.

That said, have a great Inaug. Day! If anything, it means NO MORE DUBBYA!

p.s. I voted for Obama, so don’t call me a hater… I still need to see the Change before I believe it.

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