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Holy Hell, I just realized that my blog is a year old (first post Jan. 17 2009!)

What a ride its been — and how boring a ride its been for those of you who actually read this damn thing.

Anywho – HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Blog!

*strips and gives his blog a lapdance*

I just realized this was in my drafts bin… written back in Jan. Figured I would post it for shits and giggles..


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Yes, I am alive.

I’ve survived the Swine Flu – Surprising seeing as one of my friends is Bacon.

I’ve been kicking around on my new gaming computer a lot, sorta-kinda shunning everything else for the time being. That, and I haven’t gotten to install Firefox on this thing, which I REQUIRE to be able to post efficiently (IE spell big words correctly). Give me some time, and I will get things in order and I will be back in full swing.


For now, rejoice in the fact that I ain’t dead.



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Wow. Cobwebs abound.

My apologies to my readers. Life here on my little chunk of the planet sucks quite a big one at the moment.

Not all is horrid, however, when I’m not being bitched at and feeling like dirt, I’ve been playing Resident Evil 5. Epic game there. Yes, yes.

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I live like a pig.

I spent an hour cleaning my bedroom/computer room/gaming palace tonight, and to be honest, I feel like an enourmous weight has been taken from my shoulders.

There were dirty clothes, dishes, stacks of Maxim/FHM/Playboy/gaming/tech magazines, chips and various snack bags, soda cans, and other things in here that really needed to be tossed, and furniture that needed to be moved about, and a few computers that needed to be put in their places as well.

And now that the porno mags are under the bed, I can sleep peacefully tonight.

All that’s left now is to install the spare DVD/CD Player in the den, run the vacuum in here, and do some better dusting, cause Jesus Christ, the dustbunnies in here are OUT OF CONTROL!

I think one of them bit me!

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I haven’t posted lately. My bad. I’ll get back into the swing of things soon.


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A bold new world

Today was a great day.

Bills for the next 1-3 years are paid. Much needed financial-type stuff was fixed, and some essentials purchased and so on.

Now I ask myself this: Is it time for a new girlfriend!?

Moving on… Is every person I’m ever going to talk to about financial/customer service matters going to be a Pakistani with a bare-bones grasp of the english language?

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Office Space has been found. The case, I am sad to report, was not so lucky.


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